To more colabs

and making noise

in restaurants. Literally.

January 2020: The year 2020. Right. Off we go.

Although the familiar smooth and impeccable-quality taste we hope you have come to love is going nowhere, there are quite a few new and exciting things current and prospective Whistler fans can look forward to this year.

The biggest business lessons we have learnt last year is to pick the right partners and to plan – planning, planning, planning, planning. We are confident that we have applied these learnings, allowing us to up your Whistler African Style experience yet another notch. Here is a glimpse into what you can look forward to for this year.


From a rum perspective, we are looking to do three barrel-exchanges this year. We are hoping to work with Boplaas (who we partnered with last year) again for a whiskey exchange. Then we are also hoping to do a brandy barrel exchange and a Pinotage exchange (no partners yet so if you have suggestions, please let us know!). This is really something to look forward to.

To the point of our previous Boplaas Barrel Exchange – if you are still looking to purchase this product from last year’s exchange, remember that stock is limited, so head on over to our online shop before it is too late.

The Whistler Rum Distillery

Visitors to the distillery from this month (January) onwards, can look forward to the fact that we are scheduling our production in such a way, that we will be distilling on Saturdays (starting sometime in February). That means, if you visit the distillery on Saturdays, you will be able to see a working, operating distillery.


From a business perspective – we have a very exciting “Whistle Your Own Tune” campaign, that will be running for most of the year which will have an awesome grand prize. With this, I suspect, we will literally be making some noise in bars and restaurants.

From a team perspective – if everything goes to plan, the team might grow, even though we are very happy with the size of the team right now.

There you have it.

Now loading = quality and excitement. Watch this space….



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