Fighting darkness

with darkness

“Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again…” This song has been done to the point of cliché, hasn’t it? Well, there might be a reason…

Whether you have the original by Simon & Garfunkel, the more recent, very famous remake by The Disturbed or other recordings in mind - if we are honest with ourselves, an encounter with darkness is as familiar as the song.

Even if you are a “the glass is half full” person most of the time.


Whether it is an evil ex, load shedding due to Eskom; a thunderstorm in the Free State or Gauteng on a day that started as sunny, or that Carte Blanche murdered weekend feeling that hits you on a Sunday night at 19:00, we have all had to look darkness in the eye in one way or another, at some point throughout our lives.

You might recall that I have said many times that I won’t tell anyone that alcohol is good for them. Especially not physically, but emotionally and mentally it is ALSOLUTELY good for you. If taken in moderation and not on horseback or before or whilst driving, of course. Especially on those nights that darkness finds your house and knocks on your door three times.

That is why, today we are bringing you our two favourite dark rum cocktail recipes to make with Whistler African Style Dark Rum – the Mooi Nooi and Turkish Tonic.

This rum has dark chocolate, toasted toffee and a hint of citrus on the nose with dark chocolate and caramel on the palate, with a citrus finish. For this reason, these two recipes work especially well.

Take a look at our video guide to make these at home or download the recipes in pdf format below.

So, happy mixing and enjoy. And, next time darkness knocks on your door, invite it in for a shot of Whistler African Style Dark Rum or a dark rum cocktail. But kick it out before it has more than one. Very important.

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