Whistler Rum

Mobile Bar

Have you ever wished that you could be in more than one place at the same time?

Even though we will always believe in quality over quantity, we have a similar dream for our rum. Simply because we feel it is a basic human right to know what decent rum tastes like. The dream to bring Whistler to more people grew stronger upon receiving several requests form rum-lovers who have not yet been able to visit the distillery and experience our rum.

Of course, you can purchase Whistler anywhere in South Africa via our online shop and various outlets nationally but, to-date, the only place you could experience our bespoke cocktails and unique bar look-and-feel was at the distillery on the farm and occasionally at festivals and events.

Now, this will change. Introducing the Whistler African Style mobile bar unit. A mobile bar “shack” in true Whistler style that you can rent for your office or party. You don’t have to drive to us, the bar comes to you. In a sense, we take the distillery to you.

This could be perfect for creatives looking for something different from the usual for after- work drinks; interesting pre-drinks at weddings and corporate functions with a twist.


Bookings include transport and set-up of the bar, a professional barman to serve up the most popular cocktails from the distillery, as well as enough ingredients to serve the confirmed amount of guests.

Bookings should ideally be made two weeks before the event. Quotes depend on the location of the event and the anticipated amount of customers.

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There you go. Now bar-hopping could be as easy as just making it to your office, front door or your wedding.