It's not just business.

It's personal.

We have always been different.

We question things. We are not scared to do what everyone else is afraid of. That is why, in 2015, we quit our jobs and turned our lives upside-down to make rum.

Driven by a passion to make an excellent quality, small-batch rum for people who are a little different too, we built what we regard to be a world class rum distillery in the heart of the Free State – using local product, produce, engineering, design and labour. In November 2017 we launched Whistler African Style rum with a big event at the Distillery on the farm.

This kicked off what we would describe as the toughest year of our lives, but it was also the best one. None of us have ever worked as hard as we did the last year. We also learned a lot – about ourselves; the Industry and about producing excellent rum.

We constantly pushed ourselves to ensure our product is the best quality it can be; that we get our distribution channels right; that we are present at as many festivals as possible, and that we host as many functions at the Distillery as we could.

All this testament to the fact that we lead, not follow and that we do not cut corners. We do something properly, or not at all.

We are grateful to say that our all-or-nothing approach bore fruit. Prevalent in the feedback we received about the last year, is that Whistler is considered as the Market leader on the local rum scene. Not just by consumers and retailers, but by other rum producers.

Now shop, any time, anywhere

Having done the groundwork and the homework, we are now ready to add another layer to our offering – all with the aim of communicating with you more directly and personally; giving you as much added value as possible and with as much as possible personal attention-to-detail.

Out of our firm belief that you should get as much value-for-money as possible, we are taking matters into our own hands this year, by giving you the opportunity to purchase directly from us – via our brand-new online store ( This will also allow us to add the personal touch and allow you to communicate with us more directly and gives us more room to give you better prices and access to a wider variety of rum products.

This way, you can have our latest rums and merchandise delivered right to your door and receive the latest news about new products and special deals as soon as they become available.

Please be assured that we are working very hard to give you something extra special for everything you give us – whether it is your hard-earned money, or your contact details. This would include access to limited edition items; special prices, and the latest Whistler news.

For those who prefer our current sales channels – Whistler will still be available via Takealot and retailers such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Tops and many more.

We have also made strategic changes to our website, which allows for fuss-free bookings at our tasting room as well as to book our brand-new mobile bar service.

Taking you behind-the-scenes and more

With our online store, we are also introducing our very first blog. Simply because we want to communicate with you more directly. With this, we also hope to bring you “closer to home” and share our stories with you. Bring you closer to the process – from events production to sales – the whole shebang.

Going further into 2019, our strategy is slightly different to last year’s strategy that could be described as a bit of a “gunshot approach” – if we choose to play “Devil’s Advocate” with ourselves.

This year, we will continue to prioritise quality over quantity, focusing on less events but bigger ones at the Distillery.

We are very excited about all our plans for 2019 – all with rum as the hero and added-value to you, our rum customers, at the heart of it.

We can’t reveal everything just yet, but what we can tell you is that there are a few very awesome partnerships in the pipeline – already signed, sealed and delivered. There will also be more and more cool things available via our online store in the not-too-far-away future.

So, we give you Year Two for Whistler – added products, an online store, even more attention to detail, personal attention and our very own blog.

Use it, enjoy it. Make it yours. We hope you love it.


Trevor, Lon, Stef and Kantoor