We all know THAT cliché: "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade".

Well. If life gives the planet Corona and your entire livelihood depends on making something people aren’t allowed to buy during lockdown, you make hand sanitiser that smells like lemons.

With rum not being on the list of essential goods and services, we literally worked with what we had and did what we could and produced 1200 litres of lemon-scented hand sanitiser from the ethanol used to make rum.

Not only to keep the lights on and the wheels turning, but also because we are active players in our community, and we believe in giving back.

Using the recipe prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), we distil the ethanol as clean as possible, then add glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, water and lemon for scent.

The guys were on hand to receive the molasses on a rainy farm day.

The bulk of the product will be provided to an NGO for distribution to members of the community most at need. A small quantity would potentially also be available for purchase around the Welkom area soon.

Keep an eye to our blog and social media pages for updates regarding sales of the hand sanitiser, as well as for tips and tricks to distract you and keep you entertained during these times.

Watch this space.

Stay safe, stay strong and stay home.



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