More exciting night markets at the Whistler Rum distillery in 2021.

Looking back at 2020, I have to say: what the hell happened? Such a rollercoaster year and not just any rollercoaster; one with rusted wheels, no seatbelts and a nasty habit of depositing occupants in the car park without warning.

None of our plans for this year came to fruition. We had a magnificent campaign planned for restaurants and bars across the country. Those ideas crumbled quickly, and we were forced to come up with a plan very fast. Within two weeks of the first hard lockdown, we became sanitiser producers. Not exactly a fun product, certainly not when compared to rum, but we were thankful. If it were not for the sanitiser, Whistler Rum might not have survived the lockdown.

Just when we thought we had a good thing going, poof – just like that – sanitiser sales dried up. Fortunately, by then we were able to get back to distributing South Africa’s best rum.

After the first hard lockdown, it was clear we needed to offer people a chance to get out of town, to a safe space. We took some risk and upgraded the distillery to safely accommodate more visitors. We installed additional restrooms, introduced cocktails on tap, upgraded our menu and opted to host interesting events. Our first night market was held a month ago and it was big. So big, we couldn’t keep up and we realised the distillery upgrades were insufficient. We need to do more!

That is how we will be kicking off 2021. By doing more: more for our loyal followers and more for those who are new to Whistler Rum. We will host markets on the last Saturday of every month and plan to launch a white rum. We are upgrading our packaging and the 2020 Boplaas barrel exchange will, once again, be available. If everything goes according to plan, we might host a music festival.

I suspect next year will be another rollercoaster. Hopefully, this time, we can ride the year without fear of falling out halfway through the loop-the-loop.



The Whistler distillery will be closed from 21 December–2 January.

We are excited for next year. An anticipated regular highlight is our night markets.

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