Meet Master Solera:

For bikers with good hearts

and, above all, for Kantoor

If this rum was a person, it would be a leather-clad biker with a neck tattoo. Despite it being illegal and dangerous, he refuses to wear a helmet. Yet, he has a heart of gold.

He partakes in bike rallies to collect teddy bears for children’s charities. He loves his mom and he does not care who knows. Before he braais massive steaks for his friends, he bakes them a cake, using seeds from a vanilla pod he bought during a trip in Madagascar.

Please meet Master Solera. 

The latest addition to the

Whistler African Style Rum



How did this rum get his name?

This is a story I get to tell more and more lately. The more I tell it, the more I enjoy it.

We call it “Master Solera” because of Kantoor, who we regard as our main man.

Kantoor, as many of you might know by now, has been working with us since the very beginning.

When he started working with us, over two years ago when we put up the Distillery, he knew nothing about alcohol distillation. In fact, he knew even less than us.

He did, however, make such progress during his time with us that he has lately been referring to himself as “The Master.

We enjoy this immensely because he says this with a lot of pride and a massive smile on his face.

For this reason, we feel the Master Solera belongs to “The Master.” That is why we named it after him. As a tribute to Kantoor. Our one and only (permanent and longstanding) employee, and in honour of the massive progress he has made. Also because of the great job he has been doing.

From a taste and flavour perspective, The Master Solera is the polar-opposite of the Barrel-aged Silver Rum. It has very deep, complex flavours with sweet vanilla, candy floss and freshly baked cake on the nose. This is strongly contrasted by a sharp oak and spicy pepper on the palate.

How do you get your hands on this fearless yet delicate, elegant and delicious contradiction?

The Master Solera is available for purchase via our online store: at a recommended retail price (RRP) of R340 and at the Distillery (situated on a farm between Henneman and Riebeeckstad in the Free State).

It is also the leading man of our next Black Friday promotion.

For updates on this and our remaining Black Friday gems, visit our social media channels:

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***Caretus “Kantoor” Mzaka is the assistant distiller at Whistler African Style Rum and is regarded as an honorary co-founder.