The Free State

Dust Storm

To some it brings hope. To others it is just plain delicious (donners lekker?)

This year already has two predominant “nicknames,” for lack of a better expression.

Some people refer to it as “20Plenty,” whilst “2020 vision” is a pun you just can’t NOT make. Call this year what you will but, if you could drink it, what would it be? We know. It would be our signature cocktail – the Free State Dust Storm.

Why? Because of what a dust storm in the Free State symbolises. Hope. Promise. Potential.

This drink is our tribute to the ominous, red dust storms that typically occur around the distillery (on a farm between the towns of Henneman and Riebeeckstad in the Free State) during August. If you have ever spent time around any of these towns around August, you would know the sight of wind blowing across the dry, red fields. Typically, a Free State dust storm would mean summer is here. The rain is on the way.

A dust storm moving in over the Whistler Rum distillery in Henneman.

Essentially a flirtation between ginger beer, Whistler African Style Rum, bitters and a squeeze of lime, the Free State Dust Storm is one of the signature cocktails we serve at the distillery. A drink the colour of the Free State in spring and as refreshing as the first summer rains.

To us, an actual Free State dust storm is a bit like hope. Hope that it will rain. That the rain will bring good things with it.

Free State Dust Storm – Ingredients

Mix ingredients according to taste and garnish with lime.

Isn’t that exactly what a new year feels like? Refreshing, uplifting, revitalising. Like life-giving rain is on the way. So, we lift a glass of Free State Dust Storm to 2020. To hope. Hope that the lights will stay on. Hope that the economy will turn. Hope that our cricket will improve. Hope that it will rain….

If you don’t want to get all philosophical about it, just trust us when we say – this drink just WORKS on a hot day. Very few cocktails are as refreshing as this one, so just enjoy.



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