Hello, Whistlers.

Day 21. We made it past the original lockdown period. Well done. Only two weeks to go.

Last week we announced we will be producing hand sanitiser during the lockdown period as, per government guidelines, we currently are not allowed to produce rum.

Today we have a further update on this.

We ended up producing 3500 litres of lemon-scented hand sanitiser from the ethanol used to make rum. Of this, 2500 litre will be distributed by an NGO.

By Monday next week (The week of 20 April), we should have 1000 litre available to members of the public for purchase in the Hennenman/Welkom areas. We are still fine-tuning the details, but it looks like the price will be R90 per litre, with a special price for schools, retirement villages and clinics or hospitals.

We are also considering deliveries for larger orders (50 litre and more) outside the Welkom/Henneman area, but this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Also, we offer competitive prices for businesses that place bulk orders of 3000 litre per week or more. We are open to paying a 10% finder’s fee to a person who successfully refers any bulk order to us.

Our sanitiser is manufactured per the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for hand sanitisers and have alcohol levels higher than 70%.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages next week for details on purchasing hand sanitiser from us. 

Any enquiries in the meantime, contact Leon Bruns: 079 512 6787/ leon@whistlerrum.co.za or Trevor Bruns: 076 496 1068/ trevor@whistlerrum.co.za

Watch this space. 

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands. 



To shop online, visit: https://whistlerrum.co.za

(kindly remember although you can place orders now, deliveries will only be made after the lockdown, as per government regulations)

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