When beer

meets rum...

Rum and beer. Beer and rum. Very few people have thought to mix these two. On the face of it, mixing them sounds absurd. We are. Sort of.

Recap on other, similar products we are working on

A while ago we wrote of an innovation we are working on with our friends from Boplaas. In short, we exchanged our rum barrels for their whiskey barrels and our respective rum and whiskey is spending its last couple of months aging in it’s opposite’s barrel. Sounds complicated? Not to worry, read more about this super cool development here.

This new project is similar, except that there is only one barrel. Our barrel.

Aging beer in a rum barrel and rum in a beer barrel

About a month ago we partnered with a local brewery, Kebenja. In this, our next innovation, we emptied one of our older rum barrels, stored the rum and sent it over to Kebenja. They have since filled this barrel with a full-flavored stout. The plan is to age their stout in our barrel up to 6 months. When they are done aging their beer, we’ll take our barrel back, fill it with its originally held rum and let it rest for up to 12 months.

Check out this explanatory video that we shot the day Leon, our master distiller, delivered the barrel at Kebenja.

More about Kebenja

You have probably never heard of Kebenja. That’s a pity. They have phenomenal beers thanks to an imported Italian brewing system combined with the creativity of a professional, qualified chef! We’re not blowing smoke here. Their beer is awesome!

On top of Kebenja’s excellent beer, they have one of the most unique brewpubs you will ever experience. Salvaged from a Welkom scrap yard, they restored and upgraded a 100-year-old railway cart. A great party can be held in this cart! Contact them through their Facebook page to find out more about their products and visitation times.

What to expect when rum meets beer

Our rum has natural, dark chocolate flavors. A stout, by definition, typically holds dark chocolate and coffee flavors.  It is difficult to exactly predict how these two beautiful liquids will react, but the complementation of flavors isn’t hard to anticipate. The beer with an addition of some caramel characters and the rum with some coffee. We wish we didn’t have to wait this long!

When will it be ready?

The rum will only be ready in 6 to 12 months. I know, a long wait! As we always say: “If we have to wait, but don’t want to wait. Then waiting is worthwhile!”.

The beer will be ready before the end of 2019. You can look forward to this rum-barrel-aged beer served in champaign bottles. Only about 400 of these will be available so keep an eye out for this limited release, and the future beer-barrel-aged rum, by signing up for our newsletter here: