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Whistler South African Style Rum rum with barrels in background

The message is the bottle: A tribute to Rassie, Siya, Einstein and other Whistlers

 8 November 2019: We love rattling the cage. Shaking things up a bit. That is why we have designed brand new packaging for Whistler African Style Rum.

Don't throw away the empty rum bottles!

If you ask us, the new look is so pretty that you would not want to throw the bottle away. Ideally you would consume the rum and then use the bottle as a vase or a dispenser for olive oil.


We designed new artwork and labels but made the call that the bottle design and shape should not change. Why? Because the bottle is such an integral part of the Whistler story. Here it is:

 Rum Culture and Whistling your own tune!

We often tell the story of why we bought into the rum culture.

When you think of whiskey, you think of someone holding a cigar. When you think of gin, you think of someone sitting on a stoep watching the sunset.

In both these instances the world is happening to the people drinking it. Rum is different.


Rum drinkers happen to the world. They do not merely let life happen to them. They are out there, doing their own thing. On their own terms, whistling their own tune.


This is where the name Whistler comes from. It is also the inspiration behind the bottle design, modelled around a 1930’s steam whistle to simbolise “whistling your own tune.”


Not only do WE like to do things a little differently, but we also have a soft spot for other people who do things a little differently.


History is littered with people who do things differently and changed the world because of it. Examples are endless – the Wright brothers (who invented the airplane), Albert Einstein (German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity), the late Nelson Mandela (former president of South Africa), Rassie Erasmus and Siya Kolisi (respectively the coach and captain of the 2019 World Cup winning team, the Springboks).


All of them approached (and still approach in Rassie and Siya’s case) their craft a little differently to the rest. They changed the world in the process. We are big fans of that.

For this reason we try to produce rum differently, hoping to change the world of rum in the process. Even if it is just a little bit.

 Rum Cocktail with a free state twist. 

If you have ever been in the Free State around August, you would know it is magnificently windy during that time of the year. In fact, we have a drink called the “Free State Dust Storm” because of what the Free State, specifically the Northern Free State skies look like around August. It is red and unpleasant, and everybody wants something that will make them feel better, especially on those days. Our “Free State Dust Storm” is just the thing.


Because we like to do things differently than the rest, it should come as no surprise that we are planning something completely left field for Black Friday this year. By brining you not one, but three black Fridays during the month of November, offering a value-packed Black Friday promotion every Friday from next week onward. So, if, during the next few weeks we are sending out mixed signals – telling you not to buy things when that is exactly what you should do, that is why. Because we are always a little different and always, always a bit EXTRA. Extra strange, but also extra, added value and superior quality.


***Products with the new packaging will be available from next week onward.


For updates on the roll out of our new products; products with new packaging and our Black Fridays, visit https://whistlerrum.co.za and keep an eye on our social media channels: Facebook: Whistler Rum (@whistlerrum); Instagram: @whistlerrum; Twitter: @Whistler_Rum







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