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African Style Rum Rules

It is simple, we only have 6 rules:

The rum must be distilled, aged and matured in Africa,

It is all about Africa for us. We have the best ingredients and people in the world. Why not create the best rum flavour in the world?

Only use equipment designed and manufactured by Africans

Why import if we can have it made here? We used skilled South African artisans to construct every last aspect of our distillery. Isn't that what every South African business should be doing?

Distilled by a born and bred African master distiller,

How can you create African flavour without an African distiller? We design our rums for us, Africans. 

Distilled using only African sourced sugar cane and sugar cane byproducts,

We use molasses sourced from KZN. Only the best will do...

Distilled to no more than 170 proof

170 proof (More commonly known as 85%abv). Even though we can distil to higher percentages, we do not want to. It's simple. Higher concentration after distillation results in lower flavour. We want flavour! Lots of it!

Matured in barrels that previously contained other African spirits.

More local. That's what we want. More flavour and more of it from our own backyard. By using used barrels that previously matured other alcoholic products in South Africa, we gain flavour that no other rum producer in the world can generate.


Whistler rum, there is absolutely nothing like it!


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