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Whistler Rum Cocktails

Some of the cocktails that you can make at home or expect when visiting the Whistler Rum distillery:

The Chocolate Cherry Old Fashioned Rum Cocktail

Cherry interlaced with chocolate and roasted coconut, all fused together with Whistler Dark. Oh mommy!

The Flowery Meadow Rum and Tonic Cocktail

Cucumber, elderflower, spiced rum and tonic. Indeed like a flowery meadow

Green Leaves Rum Cocktail

Rum, fresh mint, lime, orange and vanilla. Mmmh!


Mooi Nooi Rum Cocktail

Fresh citrus combinations and subtle chocolate undertones. Its like the girl who smiled at you that summer, but you were to intimidated to smile back or ask for a name...

Rum, Raspberry and Tonic Cocktail

Just what the name says...


The Silver Club with Whistler Rum

This cocktail was designed for our barrel aged silver rum. Berries and bananas in perfect balance.


Strawberry Jam Daiquiri

Not your average daiquiri! This recipe changed the game. This recipe is unique and different. This recipe has won competitions (Really, it has won competitions).

The Red Sunset Rum Cocktail

Pineapples and coconuts come together in a peach fizz. Start drinking this at 5pm and stop when the sun comes up.

The Turkish Tonic Rum Cocktail

Rose flavours mixed with cranberry, tonic and Whistler Dark. Usually, G&T’s are tolerated with a pinky extended. Enjoy this one with a middle finger out...




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