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Whistler South African Style Rum barrel aged silver rum

Whistler Barrel Aged Silver Rum

June 10th, 2019; If it were a person, it would be an elegant lady in her mid-30’s. A “ball-cruncher” that wears high heels and does not take k@k from anyone. Platinum, not gold. A typical James Bond leading lady. “Shaken, not stirred.”

 Introducing Whistler African Style Barrel Aged Silver Rum

If this rum was a car, it would be a “little red number.”


Introducing our latest product - Whistler African Style Barrel-aged Silver Rum. The delicious result when science and time conspires. a Barrel-aged wonder, matured for three years.


You love all your children equally and as rum-makers we love all our rums equally but if this one were a child, it would be a young adult. Someone, just done with teenage tantrums, that you can finally have an adult conversaton with.


We initially wanted to launch Whistler to the market with a Barrel-aged Silver Rum, but the process took an additional 18 months to perfect.

You simply can’t rush perfection.


There are very few rummeries in the world that produce Silver Rum this way. As far as we know, we are the only rum producers in Africa who follow this method.


First, we mature the rum for three years in both brandy and whiskey casks. Then, through a very complicated process, we filter the colour obtained from the casks out of the spirit.

This filtering process results in a smoother, mellower, subtle and smooth spirit with banana, coconut and berries on the nose and a strong banana character finishing in coconut and berry on the palate. This rum is somewhat sweeter than the other ones. 


You drink our other rums with your middle finger in the air, but you drink this one with your pinkie in the air.


Most of the “grunt” work was done by my brother Leon and his assistant, Kantoor.


The biggest breakthrough on the recipe, however, was by our dedicated representative (rep) in Bloemfontein, Shaun.

Shaun, who is a “rep” by night but a World Championship scientist by day; captained the University of the Free State (UFS) chemistry team who previously gained a World Championship title; holds a Masters degree and is currently working on his Doctorate, managed to identify one of the key missing steps in clarifying the Silver Rum.


Whistler African Style Barrel-aged Silver Rum is available only via Whistler’s new online store at R 399.00 per bottle.  Our brand new Strawberry Rum Daquiri is the perfect drink to make with this Rum.


Here is the recipe:

Silver Strawberry Jam daiquiri (Makes one drink):


-           50ml Whistler Barrel-aged Silver Rum

-           20ml “simple syrup” – (To make simple syrup, mix equal amounts of water and sugar in a 1:1 ration. For 20 ml simple syrup, you would mix 10 ml water with 10 ml sugar)

-           One strawberry, cut into quarters

-           Two teaspoons of strawberry jam. (Koo’s strawberry jam is perfect if you want the redness)

-           One egg white


-           Add rum, “simple syrup”, strawberry and strawberry jam to a shaker.

-           Muddle the strawberries and fill shaker with ice.

-           Hard shake for 30 seconds and strain into a coupe style glass.

-           Garnish with a strawberry.


To find out more, visit https://whistlerrum.co.za, or engage with us on Social Media: Facebook: Whistler Rum (@whistlerrum); Instagram: @whistlerrum; Twitter: @Whistler_Rum









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