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Whistler Rum Is Starting a Party

8 May 2019: Hallo, Whistlers. Trevor here, reporting to you live from the giant metropole of Henneman in the Fee State.


Unless you live in a cave (without wifi), you know that South Africa heads to the polls today, to vote in our national and provincial elections. Subsequently, over the last months, campaigning politicians clogged our airwaves; the internet and newpapers with the typical clutter of political warra-warra-bing-bang-bla-bla-bla of empty promises and non-sensical speeches.


That is why we started our own party - The Rum Party – “no bullshit. Just rum.” A party we understand. A party that makes sense to us. A party we trust.


So, over the last couple of weeks, you would have seen our election rumpaign videos and posts across our social media channels (and on Times LIVE!).


Being a very creative person, the best conversations I have, are often the ones in my own head. So, as unofficial spokesperson of The Rum Party (the official spokesperson is our rum because our rum is so special, it speaks for itself), here is a interview I conducted with myself on why South Africa needs a Rum Party:


Trevor, welcome. Thank you for your time. Please tell the readers:


Why Whistler African Style Rum decided to establish a Rum Party?

In today’s day-and-age, it is difficult to trust any political party, unlike rum. Rum doesn’t lie, rum doesn’t bullshit. Rum is, in a sense, the perfect political party. The party that everyone wants.


What does the Party stand for?

In a nutshell:

  • 4-Day work weeks
  • Compulsory rum cocktails on Wednesdays
  • Rum in the office drinks fountain
  • Blue lights for all Uber drivers – this will quickly and safely get everyone to the next Rum Party.

In a bigger nutshell:

  • Mojito Mondays
  • Rum Twist Tuesdays
  • Whistler Wednesdays
  • Sleep-it-off Thursdays
  • Rum old-fashioned Fridays
  • Strawberry Daquiri Saturdays


Who should “vote” for you?

Everyone who is thinking the following should vote for Whistler Rum:

  • Tired of senseless rhetoric? Vote for rum. No bullshit, just rum.
  • Not sure what your party is doing for you? Vote for rum. No bullshit, just rum.
  • Not sure who is running your party? Vote for rum. No bullshit, just rum.

“No bullshit, just rum. Vote for rum, vote for fun!” Seriously, click here, vote and stand a chance to win a bottle of Whistler African Style Rum:


How does the Rum Party differ from other political parties?

You know a politician is lying when his/her lips are moving. Rum doesn’t talk, so it doesn’t lie. You always know what you get with Whistler rum. The only thing dodgy about it, is the route you walk home after a couple of “Whistler Wednesdays”.



If the Rum Party could run a country, what, in your opinion, would a perfectly run country look like?

We certainly need friendlier public servants. A Rum Party and the institution of “Sleep it of Thursdays” will definitely take care of that.

We’d like to add a second version of BEE - (Barrel-aged, Enjoyment, Empowerment)/(Barrel-aged, Emproved, Enjoyment).


What is your message to other politicians running in today’s elections?

We’re not into pointless political name-calling. Vote rum, no “bullshit, just rum!”


You have created a series of small video clips to post on your social media channels. What was the creative process behind each video? 

In true Rum Party fasion, we just wanted to have some fun and, at the same time, poke fun at our political landscape. To view one of the videos, click here


What does each video aim to achieve?

We want people to see how funny some of this politicking is, drink a little bit of rum and have some fun.


That’s it from me. Remember to vote for your favourite Whistler candidate tomorrow.

“Vote for rum. Vote for fun!” ….and…if you want to vote for change. Say “no” to drinking KAK rum.


So, folks. There you have it. The Rum Party, in a nutshell.

Thank you for your time, Trevor. It is a pleasure, Trevor.





PS. The videos can be found in our website's galleries or on our youtube channel. 

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