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How Whistler African Style Rum Started...

“Let’s start a band, no really, we should start a band!”…“I bet I can jump across that…”…“This isn’t rum! I bet we could make better rum than this! Seriously, how hard could it be?”…This was the red “cool-drink”, flavoured methanol (the stuff that makes you blind) induced conversation we, the brothers, had that started a journey that took us to the Moonshine University (Really! Our certificates are up in the distillery) and on a search to find the best rum distilleries in the world. Today, Lon is our Master Distiller and Trev makes things look pretty. We took the leap to create a rum that is authentically African, made by Africans, for Africans.

Don’t be afraid to whistle your own tune, we aren't.

Want to know more?


Produced in Africa with African rules. Something to be proud of if your are African and jelous of if you're not.


The largerst rum distillery in South Africa. Designed by Africans and run by Africans for Africans!
Come see how it is made in a world class, African designed, rum distillery. Open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment. A quaint restaurant and a world class cocktail bar awaits visitors.


Over the years we've periodically written some stuff. Sometimes we talk about rum, and other times, we'll, read it and see...
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