Our online store is closed for the holiday. Merry Christmas, happy new year and see you again in 2024!

Whistler South African Style Rum - the team to get you through tough january


23 January 2020: Ahhhh…” Januworry.” Bye-bye twinkle lights of Christmas; lazy beach days, expensive gifts and general over-indulgence and big-spendery. Hallo empty wallets (kriek-kriek); busy schedules, diets, budgeting, accelerated strenuous exercise routines and work outfits.

Whistler African Style Rum have some pointers to get through Janu"worry"

Cheer up. We have a plan. To get you through to the end of the month, we thought we’d bring a bit of holiday back to your life. It is as easy as putting up a backyard bar. Of course, you don’t want to break the bank or go through too much trouble, so this is all you’ll need:

  • a Wooden table with a lekker tablecloth
  • The right drink to serve. We recommend our “Light Breeze” cocktail recipe. Essentially, Whistler African Spiced Rum, lemonade, bitters and garnished with a wedge of orange.

This is if you are on a super tight budget.

If not and you fancy some DYI, check out this website for some ideas on how to build funky rum bars out of pallets at your home: https://www.palletsdesigns.com/pallet-ideas/diy-pallet-tiki-bar/

If you are not on a budget (even though we like to think of our prices as competitive) and would prefer to outsource, you can rent our mobile rum bar on https://whistlerrum.co.za/mobile-bar/ for the best of the best. Where you will also encounter the “Light Breeze.”

There you have it. Take a “Beezer” and chill…you almost made it to the end of the month.



  • Click here for the recipe: xxxx
  • To shop online, visit: https://whistlerrum.co.za.
  • Also keep an eye on our social media channels: Facebook: Whistler Rum (@whistlerrum); Instagram: @whistlerrum; Twitter: @Whistler_Rum


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