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Whistler South African Style Rum initial team and family

Our rums are like family

 28 November 2019: We have a soft spot for family.

Our rum is like family!

They are the people that understands you best. Family understands that you need to whistle your own tune. That is the wonderful thing about family.

When you are with family you can’t wear a mask and be like the rest of the world. They know you so well that, when you are with family, you are basically forced to be who you are. Wonderful things happen when families function like this.

Perhaps it is subliminal and, actually, quite symbolic due to the fact that my wife and I recently had our second child but, just like my family, the Whistler family is growing. The best way to describe the extended product offering is as a family.

Bringing you the whole Whistler Rum Family in a box

For this reason, we are bringing you the Whistler family box – a collection of our latest children. Ones we are incredibly proud of.

The products in the family box are quite similar to each of the members in our family, I’d say.

If you ask me,  the Boplaas Barrel Exchange Rum and the Master Solera are the parents of the family. Solera says a lot with few words; is super wise and applies discipline. If you ever need advice; this is where you go.

Boplaas is the nurturer who keeps the family together and ensures that everybody works together. Whistler African Style Dark Rum and Spiced Rum are the brothers of the family. Our Barrel Aged Silver Rum can be described as the sister of the family. Coming to think of it, this is very much like our family. My brother is the Spiced Rum. Loads of character. Always a joke to share. Always entertaining.

The Dark Rum is the older brother of the family. He is bit more introverted. A thinker who goes through everything first and has to take responsibility for everything. Go the school and university first; get a job first. He has no examples to follow apart from the parents. There is enough of a gap between him and the Spiced Rum and the Silver Rum. He is always on his own. He always tackles things alone and first.

The Spiced Rum is the middle child of the family. A chancer. Funny and entertaining. The Silver Rum gets away with everything like the youngest child in the family normally would. The middle child and the youngest get along well and do things together so, it is no coincidence that the Dark Rum and the Silver Rum are the Whistler products that work the best in cocktails.

So, enjoy. From our family to yours.



  • The Whistler Family in a box is not like any other family. It steels the show as our final Black Friday promotion. For R 1554.00 take this one-of-a-kind family home. The promotion consists of: 2 bottles of our award-winning Dark Rum; one bottle of Spiced Rum; one bottle of Boplaas Barrel Exchange Rum; one bottle of Master Solera Rum and one bottle of Barrel Aged Silver Rum
  • For more promotional news and to shop online, visit: https://whistlerrum.co.za. Also keep an eye on our social media channels: Facebook: Whistler Rum (@whistlerrum); Instagram: @whistlerrum; Twitter: @Whistler_Rum






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